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Monday, March 21, 2011

What is Club HM?

CLUB HM is an amazing monthly publishing club (you don't HAVE to publish every month -- you can save up your publishing points for bigger projects) that is offered by Heritage Makers.

There are several bonuses to being a CLUB HM Member:
  • get points monthly at wholesale (25-34% off)
  • FREE Premier account ($20 monthly value)
  • 4000+ pre-designed templates (full customizable)
  • 50,000+ pieces of digital art
  • unlimited photo storage space
  • FREE project upgrades (things like black end papers, matte finish or UV coating on scrapbook pages = great for dry-erase boards)
  • signup special of 100 additional points for only $50
  • monthly additional publishing discounts
  • online idea claees adn club community on Facebook
  • fun contests, great prizes and more!

What does it cost to be a Club HM Member*?

There are 3 "plans" available for Club:

  • Bronze - 40 points + FREE Premier for $30
  • Silver - 70 points + FREE Premier for $50
  • Gold - 150 points + FREE Premier for $100

*There is a minimum 3-month commitment. Point plans renew on the 5th or 20th of the following month. You can cancel anytime online.

What if I need more points?

  • Additional points can be purchased through your consultant at a discount -- even with a Basic Account

What does the Basic Account offer?

  • access to HM's online Studio system
  • purchase points as you go at up to 15% off
  • 500+ pre-designed templates (totally customizable)
  • 2000+ pieces of digital art
  • 2 GB of storage space
  • Add Premier benifits for 1, 3 or 12 months for a fee
  • Package Options = 55 points for $50 or 120 points for $100

What else does Heritage Makers offer?

  • Free online Tutorials and Webinars - these are absolutely great for learning how you can get the most out of your Studio
  • The Master Classes (the name is going to change) - learn from some of the best in the business how to create stunning projects
  • The ability to pull your pictures back off your account in high resolution for free
  • Photo sharing abilities (email your pictures to a friend)
  • Photo Scanning - We have LOCAL consultants who can scan pictures for as low as 19¢-30¢ (on bulk orders), quickly with basic touchups
  • New Studio Art added on a regular basis -- as if 50,000+ pieces isn't enough already!!
  • The Facebook group has some stunning projects posted -- most will share to your account if you ask nicely -- this is in addition to the HM Template Gallery

How do I sign up for Heritage Makers?

  • Go to my site:
  • Up near the top on the right is a button that says "sign up" --> push it
  • Fill in the form and hit enter
  • If you would be interested in becoming a Consultant you can do that on that page as well -- Consultants receive 10% off all of their publishing and their basic kit is only $50 (that's for your website) = Great deal for hobbyists or someone looking to make extra income or to replace an income!!
  • You can start searching the 4600+ drag-and-drop templates and the 50,000+ pieces of artwork
  • Once you see what spectacular projects can be customized to reflect YOUR STYLE, I am sure that you will want to upgrade your Basic Account to a Club HM Account

10 Reasons You Will LOVE the Heritage Makers Business

I've know for a while now that I love Heritage Makers but I was having trouble getting all of the reasons down for when people would ask me. I received this great list from a fellow HM Consultant, Lana Eckels, the other day. She told me not to number them because what I thought was important might not be what someone else would find so.
  • Our compensation plan boasts great BONUSES. This is in addition to our already sturdy pay structure.
  • You will never be alone. From the day you join our team, you will receive training, support & motivation from your upline as well as your fellow Consultants.
  • This is YOUR business. You will be able to identify your own personal business goals & have help to successfully attain them.
  • We don’t hold parties, we hold workshops. We provide workshops with a learning atmosphere – then we give them hostess benefits. These are a lot of fun -- quicka dn easy too!!
  • We get to help people tell their story. Everyone has a story. And they have the pictures to prove it. We get to help them put that into a storybook or on one of our many other products.
  • Our storybooks change lives. Whether it’s helping them connect to the past or helping people grieve or even just to tell someone they are loved. Our products change lives.
  • You get to work with a great team. Heritage Makers is new to Canada. And only five years old in the US. Together we can grow this company larger than we could imagine.
  • People have picture problems. We provide a picture solution. Either by scanning their heirloom photos with our industry leading equipment or by creating storybooks & more with their 1000’s of JPEG’s.
  • Earn a FREE cruise. Just by working your business – you can earn a free luxury cruise for two. This year (2011) the boat is heading to Cozumel & Belize.
  • This business fits any lifestyle. Whether your goal is to make extra income or to build a business. Heritage Makers is easy to incorporate into any business plan.

Remember is YOUR GATEWAY to discovering this spectacular company with its great products.

My First Post

Digital Publishing is taking the country by storm!! Everyone has a story to tell (or they could/should)!
If you are like me, you probably have thousands of pictures (hubby, kids, dogs, sheep, llamas, pony, relatives -- hey I live on a farm & we have lots of animals!!) that are on the hard-drive of my computer. I have also saved my pics to discs that I have away from my house (just in case of fire you know) and will often send "extra" copies of the files out to relatives. Do I ever take the time to actually open these files? Not hardly ever!! So they just sit there.
I recently found a great company called Heritage Makers. One of my friends was going to a Workshop and invited me along. I am in the midst of writing a couple of Family History Books and went online to check them out. What I saw made be stop and take another look. They had templates for full-color books of various sizes that dealt just with preserving your family history!! and at a fraction of the cost that I could home-publish for if I wanted full-colour pages. Just one of the things that I liked was that I could customize every little element on the page if I wanted to! I had never found this with any of the other publishing options that I had explored. What really floored me though was the HUGE amount of artwork that was available -- over 50,000+ pieces with a Premier membership and over 2,000+ with the Basic membership. I was hooked! The UNLIMITED PHOTO STORAGE that I gained with my Premier account didn't hurt either! That saved me some money from what I was paying for online photo storage.
I actually liked it so much that I signed up to be a Consultant. I wanted to share this great way to showcase photos with others. I found that through the projects that I have made for my own kids that I can make a difference in their lives -- sounds kind of trite but they delight in seeing themselves in actual books that are hardcover, archival quality (acid- and lignin-free) with stitch-reinforced binding. These are professional looking books.
And it's not just books that we are creating:
  • Wrapped Canvases - I've done an Ancestor series, Family trees, and one of my brother's two dogs
  • Greeting Cards - for Christmas, Valentines's Day, St Patrick's Day, New Baby Greetin Card
  • 18x24 Posters - a couple for the kids for Christmas showcasing THEM
  • Scrapbook Pages - 12x12, 8x8 and 11x8.5 -- to put in the various albums that I've already gifted people with -- goes a lot quicker than the cut-and-paste ones!! also I have been creating pages to use for making ceramic tiles that I am selling at local Farmers Markets
  • Playing cards -- we used them as class Valentines and the kids gave them out as wallet pics and trader cards
  • Calendars -- we are currently putting together a puppy calendar for a friend with a pet store
I really can't say enough good things aabout this amazing company and their wonderful products. One of the things that they tell us is the "feeling" that you get when a new parcel arrives. I thought that this was kind of hokey but I am still feeling this "feeling" after 5 months of them arriving!!